John Eaves Concept Artist

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Howdy there and welcome to my website. My name is John Eaves and I am a concept designer for the motion picture and television industry. I started my Hollywood career way back in 1985 when I got my first job as a model maker for the legendary Apogee VFX company. Top Gun and SpaceBalls  were the first two movies I worked on, and throughout the next decade I was fortunate to have worked at most of the long gone VFX houses  such as Boss Films, ILM, DreamQuest images, fantasy II, Robert Short productions, Stan Winston Studios, Grant McCune Design, and USFX. In the mid 90's, the CG world was starting to take the projects from the practical effects companies and in doing so opened the door for me to make the transition to the art department. SeaQuest DSV and Star Trek DS9 were the two big shows that got me into working as a designer. This was the job I always wanted and it has never lost it's magic. Every show offers a new area to design for.  As of lately, prop designs have been added to my list of projects and is one I really enjoy. Between Marvel productions and Star Trek, the 20oo's have been jam packed with great projects and awesome crews. Celebrating my 37th year in show business!!